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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

13. Play Piano Again

When I was a little girl, one of my first memories is going to ballet class. I think I only went a few times before I quit. Then, I remember starting to take piano lessons. I played piano and took lessons for eight whole years. Spending eight years practicing anything would make you decent at it, especially as a child. You would think so, anyway. I remember playing simple Christmas songs at family gatherings and playing piano is jazz band. I was never good though. I didn't practice enough. It was one of those things where people smiled at me and told me I was great when really I was just a little girl trying to succeed at something. I particularly remember not being able to coordinate both hands at the same time. I could play my left hand and I could play the whole song with my right hand, but when I brought the two together all I got was a choppy, strained mess. 
Now that you have the history on this goal, you may understand why I want another chance. The past few years I have been wishing that I could play piano beautifully. So I made it one of my goals in my list of 40 things to do before I turn 20 to play piano again. I did it. I went to a music room on campus, I spread out my sheets of music and I brushed my fingers along the keys. The notes were so familiar and I felt like I belonged on that stool in front of the piano.
 Unfortunately, I didn't sit down and suddenly understand how to play piano beautifully. 
My hands didn't coordinate and I still couldn't just read the music and know what notes to hit. I had to sit and think about how to read the music and then figure out where the keys were. I want to practice but I need more time. This goal is something that I'm going to need to work on, and work on hard. I took the first step and tried again. I think my goal of being able to consider myself a pianist is one that I'm going to carry for a while. It requires dedication. The sitting down every night for an hour and getting to know music again kind of dedication.

Do you play piano or have a goal like this? 
How do you struggle to be better?


  1. DO it!! it'll be the proudest moment when you get a few of those chords singing one after the other. I've played piano since I was 7 (now 27) and it's become something more than just a go-to for a few sing alongs and tunes. It's a part of my world - my little escape (alongside ballet & baking. ha). I don't play anywhere near as seriously as I once did, and I'm enjoying it even more. Even just getting chords of current songs. It's a wonderful thing to have - you'll pick it up in no time. You might be surprised at how much you actually did pick up when you were younger. I'm excited for you! Let us know how you go.
    Maria x

  2. Hi Amanda Rose (What a pretty name). I can play but only really using chords. But I am so with you on the desire to be able to play the bass with the left hand and the melody with the right. I've never had lessons and occasionally think of taking some now.

    I hope you stick with your goal!

  3. How wonderful! I want to relearn the piano too. I'm hoping my 11 years of lessons will come back to me. :-)


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