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Thursday, April 4, 2013

28.Grow All of My Nails Out


Here is another goal on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 20. I have always wanted to finally have long nails. What "long" adds up to? I'm not sure. I try and try to grow my nails out and don't bite them (anymore). I have finally come to terms with this goal of mine, though. I have stopped blaming myself for my short-ish nails that never seem to all be long at once. I realized that my nails are basically unhealthy. I don't know why this is. I'm no nutritionist and don't know what I'm supposed to eat that will make my nails grow strong. I do know that no matter how long my nails get they just peel off. The top layers of my nails peel off like flakes and the long tips will just randomly tear and peel right off. They are by no definition strong. I am taking gelatin pills that claim to "support" nail growth. I don't really believe this will work, but I am trying it anyway. 
So, this goal is crossed off. Not because I have successfully grown "long" nails, but because I have come to terms with my own nails and embraced the fact that they are pretty long and as long as I can get them. I don't bite them. I don't clip them all off. I'm trying my best and that seems like a success in my book.

These photos are my nail pictures for my instagram over the past year. 
You can follow along in real time if you want : Amandaros3

How do you keep your nails healthy and strong?


  1. Hey Amanda! I love the minty colour you painted your nails in one of the pics.
    I'm no nutritionist so I can't really say what the best thing would be... but I know that for a while there, I wasn't eating very well at all and was cutting a lot of dairy and meat out from my diet. As soon as I started having a balanced diet again, everything seemed to get back in line - hair and nails included.
    Your nails look lovely!
    Have a great weekend. Guess what!??? That cheesecake is HAPPENING this weekend. I am so excited to bake it - I've been holding off till I've had some hours aside to enjoy making it.
    M x

  2. it helps not to get your nails wet like i always use gloves when washing dishes. milk drink milk, calcium helps keep them strong and take biotene pills if you want. i love the sparkle nail on the ring finger look

  3. I wish I had the answer to your nail woes....but I mostly just want to say that you have good taste in nail polish colors, haha

  4. Oh my goodness, I have the same problem!!! If you find a solution, PLEASE let me know. :-)

  5. Hey, Thanks for finding my blog. I'm glad you did. I can totally relate to this post. I do the same thing. I've tried to grow mine out SO many times. Then I end up getting stressed out and I pick my nails. It's a horrible cycle.


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