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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Perfect Pizza Dough

I have finally learned how to make homemade pizza dough. No more waiting for frozen bread dough to defrost. Say goodbye to trying to make box mix dough and ending up with more of it on your fingers than on the pizza pan. I've never made homemade dough before this recipe but I know I'm not going back. There is a special rewarding feeling that comes with biting into a slice of pizza that you made from mere ingredients in your kitchen. No more guessing what is really in the crust or how many preservatives were used. Just simple, fresh, delicious pizza.

Before I handle the dough I coat my hands lightly in oil. I do not use flour. I like to lay saran wrap on the counter and place the dough directly on that. Shape the dough into a boule while it rises.

This video shows how to shape it around 0:35 seconds. Then, lightly drape saran wrap over the top. This is when I cover it with a warm, damp dish towel and let it rise.

While it is rising cut up your vegetables.

Saute' the vegetables if you wish. I only did this for my peppers and mushrooms.

When you uncover your dough it should look like this. Perfect and beautiful. Maybe dough doesn't look as beautiful to you as it does to me. Regardless, I usually look at it in awe for a little bit before I touch it. At this point I'm pretty proud of myself for even creating such a simple luxury.

If you are going to make calzones or if you want your pizza dough really thin, cut the dough in half. I use the whole ball of dough to make one pizza on a baking pan. I'm sure half the ball would be fine if you are using a pizza pan. It is all up to you, the cook.

Shape your dough and place it on the pan. This is the fun part. Use your knuckles and let gravity do the work. I'm no pizza chef. I dance around the kitchen and try to make it the shape using any method that seems to work at the time. Be creative. Once you lay it onto the pan poke some holes into it with a fork.

Spread the sauce around, sprinkle your cheese. Cover your pizza with all sort of delicious toppings. We used sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapenos, and bell peppers for our pizza. The calzones only had ham and mushrooms. Sprinkle with some oregano and pop them in the oven.

Share and be merry. 

Here is a video I watched to see how the process goes as a whole. This video is done so beautifully and if it doesn't inspire you to make bread dough I don't know what will.

If you didn't already notice, I made a new blog header! I hope you like it half as much as I do. 

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