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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Heartfelt Post & Vent

Today is Monday. On Mondays I post my Menu for the week. I am feeling rather discouraged on this menu ordeal and have been dreading "Monday's Menu". Does anyone actually read these menus of mine or does the sight of another round of "Monday's Menu" make you keep scrolling?
These are the thoughts I've been having lately and I don't like them. I absolutely love blogging and thought I'd be a lot farther ahead in blog land by now than I actually am. I've been blogging for almost 3 years, people.

On July 28th in 2011 I posted about a multi-purpose baby gift, which is still available in my etsy shop if you'd like one.

One year ago today, I shared photos and memories from my cousin's wedding.

Today I'm looking back at what I've done through my blogging and am wondering what I'm doing wrong.

 Some blogs get so popular so quickly that they feel like they have "made it" almost overnight. I work hard at blogging. I photograph my entire life and I still feel like I'm not writing what you want to hear. I wish I had time for more recipes. Sometimes I tell myself my blog would be better if I could only get time to share some new sewing projects.. The truth is I don't have any new sewing projects (or any finished ones, anyway).
 I wish I did.

This 40 things to do before 20 list is especially exhausting. I feel like I'm just not living up to my own standards. I am spending more time doing things I'd like to do like reading and embroidery, but I see goals on this list that I know I still haven't and will not accomplish this year. 
It is frustrating sometimes. 

The key word being : sometimes.
 I love this blog to death. Nothing brings me joy like seeing the comments from the few readers I do have. If I inspire even one person by each post, then It was worth posting. Right? What If nobody is inspired by the post? Is it worth it to still post even if nobody cares to read it? Of course it is. Because I might inspire just one person and that is all that matters.
I'm asking you to please tell me what you want to read. Sew Much To Say isn't all about me. It is about the journey. The journey through crafting, baking, DIYs, college, getting a first apartment, creative writing and trying to survive on my own in the "real world". Sew Much To Say is supposed to be me sharing my experiences and what I have learned along the way. There is no point in sharing them If you aren't interested, though. I want to share with you insights that you will appreciate, insights that will encourage you to try something new or help you become a better you.

This year I've learned that I can't do it all. 
I got a 3.98 GPA for goodness' sake. God wanted to let me know that grades are not everything, and that I'm not going to be perfect at anything. I really feel like that is how He let me know, by keeping me 2 digits away from a 4.0. He wanted me to know that I could be a  great blogger, nursing student and worker at an assisted living facility, but that I would not be perfect. 
I gave myself a list of 40 things to complete in a year, and I work hard at completing it. God made me choose 40 goals instead of 20. I have been thinking a lot about this and have realized that He caused me to create such a large list for myself to reinforce that I am not perfect and will not be able to do it all. 

I have been doing a few guest posts here and there and getting closer to a few bloggers, but I still haven't made any great blogging friends. No pen pals. No frequent emails. I hear of people having blogging friends as their brides maids all the time and I'm yet to have even one that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. This seems like such a small problem, but It just makes me curious as to what I'm doing differently.
I did do a guest post on Something About You & Me where I posted a DIY on how to make $0.99 coasters.  I think you'll like this post because it is so simple and cheap. I use my new coasters every day.

Anyway, I am not meaning to complain. I just wanted to write this post so that you know what has been on my mind lately. I want to write what you want to read. I've got all sorts of possible posts floating around in my brain. I really want to share a book review on "My Stroke of Insight"  because I found it to be moving, but am not sure if anyone else enjoys reading my book reviews. I've got a bunch of pictures of these beautiful pancakes I made and a recipe for perfect homemade pancakes waiting to go live. I've got plenty to say about these goals I've been rushing to complete, and plenty that will never be done on time. I even have ideas for some hair posts, but really have writers block. Please let me know what you'd like to see more of around here as I try to regain some direction on Sew Much To Say. 
I want you to know that if you read any of my posts than it makes all this effort worth it to me. 
If you just found this post or want to be more connected please follow along.

Where to Find Me:
Instagram: SewMuchToSay
Bloglovin': Sew Much To Say
Pinterest: Sew Much To Say
Twitter: Sew Much To Say
Google Plus: Sew Much To Say

If you actually did want to see my menu today, here is what we planned on eating this week:
Monday: Soup and Salad
Tuesday: Homemade Chicken Tenders and Corn on the Cob
Wednesday: Omelettes and Homefries
Thursday: Mac and Cheese with Hot dogs (a classic)
Friday: Tuna Melts
Truth is we will be going to my Grandma's tomorrow night and will not be home to make "homemade chicken tenders" and will most likely still be there the next night, too. I don't even like Tuna, and will be at work. I write this on the menu so Alec has an idea of what to make for dinner if he wants. He usually will eat whatever he wants anyway.
 Life doesn't follow the menu. 

Thanks for listening, it means a lot.
Any feedback is very warmly welcomed. 


  1. Hi Amanda! I am only a new blogger, but I really think you should write about what interests YOU. Readers will become interested in you, and will therefore want to read what you write. For me, I am trying not to think about earning money, success or fame through blogging. The purpose of my blog is to document my experiences, thoughts and feelings. This said, the advice I am following to grow my blog, I found on Pinterest, top 10 blog tips from one newbie blogger to another, by Jackie at www.thenonmarthamomma.com I joined in a blog hop she hosted, and so started a relationship where I email her if I need help. I think you just need to be brave enough to ask for help and advice, from someone (a blogger) who you admire and trust. Also, as a women 10 yrs older than you, I think this sensation of being lost and confused is a BIG part of 'growing up'. Hope that doesn't sound patronising. I really feel your pain and sympathise with your plight. I'm in Australia, but I think a GPA of 3.98 is amazing! Don't be too hard on yourself. xx Sarah from www.creatingcontentment.com

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! Blogging is hard work and you can't get into everyone's mind. Blog about what you live, make it heartfelt, and the rest will follow. And if it doesn't that's okay too. Blogging isn't likely to make you rich or famous.

    I do think that the bloggers who go to conferences and go to local blogger meetups get more followers. You might want to try something like that.

  3. You aren't doing anything wrong! Most of these blogs that pop up seemingly "overnight" and have tons of followers usually only have them because they do tons of blog hops & giveaways & stuff like that. I've been blogging for over 2 years and it's taken a lot of work to get to where I am. I admit I have done things to get followers here and there too (I've done a couple of giveaways & I've hosted blog hops). I only had about 100 followers for the first year I was blogging...so yeah...I get it. It can be frustrating when you feel like you really work for your content & followers & other bloggers can do a couple of giveaways and get thousands of followers for doing almost nothing. Just keep doing what you're doing! I love blogs with a little of everything- every day life, some tutorials, DIY stuff, personal posts, pictures, food, etc. Seems like you have a lot of variety so the content will speak for itself!

    Thanks for the sweet little tweet (didn't mean to rhyme that!)

    Lulu & Sweet Pea

  4. I understand completely, where you are coming from! I'm so new, as you already know, and I feel your pain. You are being too hard on yourself though, so sit back and relax. You are doing great! I know the feeling of not feeling as if you've done enough. I see the total number of people who have passed my blog, but I do not understand if I had over 4,000 (alleged) 'viewers', why wouldn't I have at the very least, 5% of them commenting? It is frustrating. On one hand I want the comments, just to know 'someone' is really reading. I get discouraged and think, "maybe I don't need to post today". On the other hand, I know some friends are reading even though they aren't commenting, and I know the hubster reads every post (even if he does get the email notice a day late, but he talks to me about it) - and that's enough for me. So I take each day as it comes.

    I'm promising to make more time to read others blogs more often and comment. Do unto others... right? :)

  5. I think everyone else has already posted some great feedback. I have learned that I have to want to blog just for me and not worry how many (if any) comments I get. It is nice to know that people are reading though and I am one to read and keep the page open to go back to comment and sometimes it takes awhile (like now....sorry!) I hope you are able to build up your readership and find happiness in your blogging.



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