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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Picnic By The Beach

On Monday Alec and I packed up our backpack and headed for the nearest beach. I had to work at 5 pm, but it was too gorgeous out to stay inside all day. So, we laced up our sneakers, packed our water shoes, and hoped to have a beautiful day in nature. 

Lake Ontario is absolutely ginormous. It feels as if you are standing on the edge of the ocean.

This was our favorite spot. It was shady, away from all the people and offered a breath taking view of the shore line.

Our second favorite place was this "pier" because when we stood out at the end of this strip we could really enjoy being surrounded by the water. There were no screaming kids, no distractions, no cell phone service...just relaxation.

Alec planking.

some handstands.. 

I tried some yoga poses, too. 
This was pretty challenging considering the center of this cement was a hole.

It was almost unbearably hot out on Monday (and the rest of this week) so I had to switch my hair into the top knot. I'm reading about the park in this picture. Apparently, during the Great Depression tons of jobs were created as men helped to build this park.

There were so many geese at the beach. We started off trying to ovoid stepping in poop, but gave up very quickly when we found there was no escaping it.

When we finally found some more shade we had a very brief picnic lunch. This was one of my goals to do before I turn 20 next month. There were so many bugs in the shade attacking us that we couldn't really sit down or stay here too long to eat.
After lunch, we entered this trail in the woods in hopes of getting to go for a little hike. Turns out the trail was right next to a swamp. Our sweat drenched bodies, the rain we have been having lately and the humidity should have been enough warnings not to go into the woods. We ended up being so swarmed by bugs that we had to brisk walk while waving our arms over our heads the entire time. We rushed towards the nearest exit out of the trails only to find that the bridge was closed. We had already been bitten a few times and were still being SWARMED by tons of biting bugs, not just mosquitoes. So, we just made a run for it. Mind you, I never run. I just started sprinting with the backpack on and waving my arms above my head, Alec laughing at me and doing the same thing. We passed a group of girls in sundresses on our way out, they probably thought we were crazy. Not as crazy as we thought they were for trying to go into those woods dressed like that, though. We finally made it out alive and learned our lesson. I can't wait to put that story in our scrapbook.

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  1. I flew over Lake Ontario once and was really confused as to why I was flying over an ocean:) Happens to the best of us. You two are so presh!


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