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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Post Secret and some Yoga

Alright, people. This post has two completely unrelated topics in the title. You probably read the post title and clicked it out of sheer curiosity as to how these terms were related. The only thing relating these topics is my bucket list of 40 things to do before I turn 20. You are probably sick of hearing about this list of mine by now. Or maybe you are enjoying watching me attempt to finish a seemingly unending list of goals.  Either way, read on!

One of my goals was to "perfect" a difficult yoga pose. I know that neither of these two poses are incredibly difficult in the big scheme of yoga, but they were challenging to me. I especially would not call my form "perfect", but I tried my hardest! Yoga is one of my escapes from stress and I love to slow down and breathe into my movements during yoga. This brings me peace and helps me tune into my body's needs. Does anyone else have back pain like I do?
When I get home from a long day at work and can ease into a few poses my back loves me. I am all about holistic health practices, too. If I can spend 10 minutes stretching and releasing tension in my back instead of taking medicine for it, I will. I hope you would, too. Have you tried yoga by the water? I highly recommend it. 
Well, there you have it. I love love yoga and I've been doing more of it this year than ever. I hope to do even more yoga in the future.

Another goal I had was to leave a post secret in a post secret book. 
If you don't already know what post secret is you are in for a treat. The concept is sharing your deep dark secrets anonymously with the world. You create a post card of anything you would like and mail it into the post secret address. From there, your secret is posted online, published into books and displayed for others to see. Your secret may give someone else with a similar secret the motivation they need to act on their issues, or the confirmation that everything will be okay. It is quite beautiful. I've always wanted to find someone else's secret in a post secret book at a bookstore. I figured other people may have this desire, too. So, somebody has to leave their post secret in a book in order for there to be secrets to be found.
Check out their website to browse some wonderful post secrets.

This is a picture of my postcard before I put the secret on it...because it is a secret after all.
There you have it, folks. Two more goals crossed off my list. I'm still going and going and going trying to finish them all. Wish me luck!

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  1. I wish I was that good at yoga! I started getting back into it because I also have bad back pain, and yoga does wonders for it. I always seek out the most holistic solution to a health problem because I've found they typically work much better than popping a pill (and have no side effects!).

    That post secret is so cool!

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