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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just My Luck

Sometimes days don't go as planned.

Yesterday was one of those days.

We went to the NY State Fair yesterday!

We took this video in the car on the way up.

We met my parents, my brother and his girlfriend there. 

We even posed as vegetables.

And as cops.

And as bears.

We just posed normal, too.

We even got to pet some animals.

Then, on the way home my parents car ended up having 8 miles of gas left in the tank and 16 miles until the next gas station.
We thought we would have to pull over and help them somehow.
Luckily they made it to the next gas station somehow.

Then, I am about to fall asleep in the car as we pass the tollbooth. We hear a loud exhaust and look around to see if it is a car passing us. 
There was no loud car.
Then, Alec pressed on the gas pedal and confirmed that it was indeed my car making that horrid noise.
We looked at each other and Alec pretended my car was a motorcycle for a second until we start to hear a shaking noise.
This noise is no noise you ever want to hear coming from your car on the highway. 
We pull over at the very next exit, slowly turn the corner at the next light and make our way into a parking lot.
Just as we pulled into the parking lot we hear a huge crash and some scraping.
We stop where we are and both get out to see what in the world is happening to my poor car.

Then we see a little metal thing in the street. I hoped that was all that was missing.
Turns out all three of the parts shown in the picture above were hanging out of the bottom of my car. Apparently the little piece in the photo fell off and was holding up the two exhaust pipes.

Then, it started to rain and hail.
We got in the car and waited for my parents to meet us to figure out the rescue plan.
Then, we looked at each other and just started laughing at our luck

What I didn't include in the story is how Alec just sold his car last week and we are sharing my car.
Alec also just got moved from a store branch 2 minutes from our apartment to one 20 minutes a way, two days after he sold his car.
Then, my car broke. 
And then there were no cars.
And I was late to work.

Just Our Luck

Well, the good news is my Dad is fixing my car for me this week and my brother is letting us borrow his car.
God bless you both.


  1. What a day! I'm glad you could laugh about it, it can be hard to stay positive when something like that happens. Hopefully once it's fixed it'll behave for many more state fair trips :)

  2. What a day! I hope everything will get fixed up for you soon. It's so hard to not have a car, especially when you're both working odd hours or at a distance from home. I hope the rest of the week will be a little more cheerful for you :)

  3. That sounds like the kind of stuff that only happens to me! lol


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