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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday's Sweets: Blueberry Coffee Cake Cupcakes

Sometimes I'm a bad food blogger.
Sometimes I get inspired and improv my own recipe and make something absolutely delicious.
Sometimes I forget about the delicious cupcakes until I find the pictures on my camera.
Sometimes I forget how I made the really good recipe in the first place.

Two weeks ago I had fresh blueberries (that we froze), and was craving coffee cake. I wanted to make smaller portion sizes (as usual, because who can eat an entire cake without feeling like a gluttonous piglet) so I made cupcakes. A few of the recipes I looked through had either Greek yogurt or sour cream in the recipe. I didn't have either. So, I walked to the nearest store and found that they didn't have any Greek yogurt or sour cream either. I walked back home with a brick of cream cheese and just took the recipes into my own hands from there!

I do have a few links from my browsing history that had the recipes I used as inspiration, though.
You can find your own inspiration here, here and here. None of the recipes were what I used, though, because I made up my own recipe.

If it makes up for the fact that I'm posting this pictures with no recipe....they were really yummy!

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