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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grandma's Beans and Greens

Hello, everyone. 
I am so excited to share this recipe with everyone because it has been one of my go to dishes this month. My Grandmother sent me home with some to try a few weeks ago and I insisted on only taking one tiny dish home to try. That was a huge mistake. I ate the entire thing and before I knew it I was on the phone with her begging for the recipe. Since that day I've made it twice and eaten all of it within two days. Did I mention that it only takes 10-20 minutes to make? What about how I only spent about $5 to make the entire pot of it? Not convinced yet? Try it for yourself.

Grandma's Beans and Greens

1 can cannellini beans (undrained)
1 "bunch" of greens (I used spinach, you can use escarole or whatever you want, really.)
2 cups chicken broth
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste
Italian Sausage (optional)

If you are using sausage (which I highly recommend) slice it up and cook it before you start. I used spicy Italian sausage the first time and it added a lot of flavor. The second time I made this I didn't use any sausage at all and it was still delicious. I just poured some water in the pan, covered the sausage and let them steam for a bit to quicken the process. 

Next, get all of your ingredients out. I used chicken bouillon cubes to make my chicken broth. If you don't like yours soupy just add less water. I used two cups because I'm a soup kinda girl.

Pour your beans and broth into a sauce pan over medium-high heat. Then add your salt, pepper and most importantly the garlic. I know 1 Tbsp seems like a lot of minced garlic, but it really adds an amazing flavor. Trust me, people.

Bring the soup to a light boil and then add a few handfuls of your greens. There is no measuring here. Stick your hand into the bag and keep adding spinach until it looks good. 
Then, cover up your sauce pan and let the spinach wilt. I also added the sausage at this step and stirred it around a bit to hasten the wilting.

When you lift up the cover give it a stir it should look like this. Then, turn off your heat and serve.


Do you have a favorite beans and green recipe? 
If you try mine let me know how you liked it!


  1. Mmmmmmm, this looks so tasty! I've been cooking lots of soups lately with the cold weather. I'll definitely try this.

  2. Being a college kid on a budget, Im definitely going to have to try this!


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