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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The 12 DIYs of Christmas: Crochet Ornament Garland

Hello, everyone.
This adorable crochet ornament garland is another quick and easy Christmas DIY, except this post is a guest post! Elizabeth from Undeniably, Me created this great DIY and is here to share with us.
She is even doing her own Christmas countdown: 25 days of Giveaways.  I highly recommend visiting her blog after reading this post!

Today I have a Christmas decoration DIY for you - crochet ornament garland!  Now, you don't even have to know how to crochet for this DIY to be doable, it really is the easiest thing.  All you need are 3 things: yarn, a crochet hook, and ornaments.  The great thing about this project is it can be totally customized to fit your decor.  Some alternatives to ornaments are jingle bells, icicles, pom-poms, etc.  Have fun with it!  I currently have two hanging in my apartment, a white & neon one in my hallway, and a more traditional red & green over my tree. 

*Before you begin, string all your ornaments onto the yarn.  The stitch used is a chain stitch (ch).  I normally do 20 chain stitches in between each ornament, but you can make them as close or far apart as you like.  Follow the picture tutorial below, and tweet me a photo @meundeniably if you make this! 

DIY crochet christmas ornament garland

That is it!


  1. Thanks for letting me guest post - love how it turned out! :)

  2. Very good article. Thank you for sharing.


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