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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Road-trip to The City of Bridges

Remember my best friend, Kacie, who I went on this beautiful walk with? Well, her and I both have this urge to just hit the road and drive until we find the highest mountain to climb up and scream off of. We just want to be seeing things and doing things, meeting people and meeting places. Something about going to school for 17-18 years straight makes you stir crazy. It makes you want to stand up, march out of your class room and run into the world. 

So, we planned went on an impromptu road trip. We called it "going rogue." This was a roguecation. (The only #roguecation on instagram, to be exact.) We decided on Wednesday and left on Sunday. Just like that. I know I'm going to look back on this and miss the days when I can fly by the seat of my pants like this. I'll enjoy it for now. 
Anyway, we packed up our yoga mats and headed for the hills for her sister Megan's house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I consider both of these ladies my sisters, so it is nice to be surrounded by family for a few days and to take a break from all of my other responsibilities. 

It was so refreshing to be driving away from the flat lands and into a city surrounded by hills. 

Whilst exploring The Strip District, we spent some time in Wholey's. This place had food so fresh you could literally catch the fish you wanted to eat. It was amazing seeing so many fish, crabs, lobster and shell fish in one place. They even had a whole other part of the store devoted to fresh meat from land animals.

We feasted on fresh sushi and Tamarind flavored soda. It was almost magical. My taste buds were on a sushi high for an hour. Well, at least until I ate some fresh donuts from a hole in the wall bakery a few blocks away. 

The graffiti was fantastic. This is my kind of graffiti. I mean, look at it. 

Then, we drove up to a look out and soaked in the beauty of the city as a whole. It is so neat to go into a city you knew nothing about and getting to participate in it's beauty for a little while. It makes you want to meet as many cities as you can. It is kind of like blind dating. You pick a city, visit it, meet it's food, discover it's character (Pittsburgh is recovering from the blackness that comes with being a steel city and is in a never ending battle with it's ever decaying bridges) and kiss it goodbye. On to the next city.
We had a great time. We lounged around, played with Megan's 6 month old baby girl, ate more cheese than I thought possible, made some pie, explored the city a bit and most of all relaxed. We may have watched Orange is The New Black into the wee hours of the night, but that is another topic completely.


  1. What blogs do you read, Amanda Rose? I wanted to branch out from the blogs I currently read, but I don't see a blog roll on your page.

  2. Sounds like a great mini vacation! I need to do something like that this summer. :)


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