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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grilled Caprese Sandwich

I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather! After a winter that never seemed to end, I sure am. I'm sharing with you today one of my favorite food combinations in the world. 
This is a light, healthy lunch for warm summer days like today.

Let's start with the foods themselves, then we can talk about how beautifully they all pair together. First off, my favorite kind of cheese, mozzarella. Soft, creamy, rich mozzarella. I'm a cheese fanatic. Cheese on eggs, cheese on chicken, cheese on crackers, cheese on my pasta, cheese on my salad...you name it and I want to eat it with cheese. So picking a favorite cheese is a big deal. Mozzarella absolutely deserves this title, though. Next up is fresh, juicy, cold tomato. Yum. Just yum. 
Finally, freshly picked, homegrown basil leaves. 
Hello, delicious. 

Today when I was drooling over the fact that I had all three of these ingredients at the same time I had an idea, a genius idea. I decided to put them all together on a 100 calorie, 100% whole grain, flax and fiber sandwich roll....and make it into a grilled cheese.

And there you have it, folks. It takes 5 minutes, is easy, nutritious and delicious! 
What have you been cooking up to stay cool?

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